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Wheel Balancing, alignment and Tracking Tyres

are often the last thing you think about when you get in the car each day before you drive off, but when you think about it, your tyres are the only bit of your car that actually touch the road!

Edmunds Tyres have been helping car owners sort out their tyre problems for years and will get you safely back on the road as quickly as possible.

Stocking all the leading brands of tyres from across the world, Edmunds Tyres can meet your needs and your budget! and if by chance they haven't got the exact tyre in stock, a simple phone call will have it on site in a matter of hours.

You may notice that your tyres wear unevenly, this can be caused by your wheels being slightly out of alignment, so at Edmunds and Wokingham Tyres, we use the latest laser technology to check your wheel alignment, along with specialist wheel balancing equipment that makes sure your tyres are fitted perfectly.