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and catalytic converters Although there are no moving parts in your exhaust system, its function and placement on your vehicle, means it is one of the hardest working components. you will find on the vehicle itself.

The effects of rust and corrosion by toxic wastes combine to attack the metals of the exhaust system which can make it noisy and lead to dangerous failures of the system itself.

A 'blown' and noisy exhaust is illegal and can cause illness. Modern exhausts are quite commonly made up of several individual components. Here at Edmunds Tyres and Exhausts we can advise you all the step of the way on the status of your current exhaust and any work or replacement parts that may be needed.

Like our extensive stock of tyres, we hold the most common exhausts on site and if we don't have the specific exhaust system for your vehicle, then a simple phone call will have it winging it's way as quickly as possible to help you get safely back on the road. So, ring us today if your exhaust needs replacing or if you just need some friendly advice, we are here to help!