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You put your key in the ignition, turn the ignition switch, and hear the sweet sound of a running engine, this is all thanks to your car battery. Sometimes though, all you get is that dreaded 'click' and then silence! The most common reason that a car won't start is a 'flat battery', normally caused by lights being left on or sometimes even by leaving your mobile phone plugged in to the cigarette lighter.

Like most parts on your car, the performance of the battery will deteriorate over time, so it always advisable to have it checked regularly.

If you would like your battery checked or if you already know you need a new battery then come to us here at Edmunds Tyres and Exhausts or at Wokingham Tyres and we'll supply and fit the correct battery for your vehicle, all in matter of minutes. We only stock leading brands so you are assured of a guaranteed replacement for up to 3 years.

And of course, if you should find yourself in the unfortunate position of being unable to start your car, then give us a ring, as we will always offer friendly advice and may even be able to bring a new battery out to you, to get you safely on your way....